lørdag 9. juli 2016

East Coast Trip!

 From June 12 to June 26 was the big Eaast Coast trip with all the exchange students. We were 38 students and three chaperones. It was over two weeks and was probably the best two weeks during the whole year! We were travelling al over the east coast, but the four major cities we went to were Chicago, New York, Washington D.C and Orlando. We were travelling with bus and it was a lot of driving, but it's never boring when there are so many people from all around the world. I am not going to write a lot about it because that would take a while, so here's some of the pictures :)

Cleveland, Ohio: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
 New York: 9/11 memorial
 Freedom tower!
 New York by night is soo pretty!
 Times Square
Of course some bagels and Starbucks for breakfast :)
 The Staten Island ferry passing the Statue of Liberty
 Hahah, the plane in the background
 The White House is pretty small actually
 the gang

Lincoln Memorial in D.C
 Forrest Gump was filmed here :)
 Ron Jon's at Cocoa Beach, FL

Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

 Jacksonville beach, FL
 we woke up at 5.45 to watch the sunrise. Totally worth it!
 South Carolina
Ruby Falls, Tennessee
The Bean, Chicago
Roomie pictureee!! Yes, we actually kept up with each other for two weeks.
Oh and btw, we saw JOE JONASSS!!!
Last night cruise in Chicago...
It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone, but I know for sure that we'll see each other again. The bonds between us exchange students are so strong and special and we will never let those go. It was not a goodbye forever, but a goodbye until next time.